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Guitar Lessons

Now you can continue to explore your guitar playing journey with Marlene ~ on-line! Learn from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere. Simply choose a lesson, download it and begin expanding your guitar playing skills today!

Emerging Guitarists

Designed for anyone who is already playing guitar and looking for a more guided instructional experience. These informative lessons will help you focus on specific skills such as finger picking and strumming.

Finger Picking
This lesson focuses on helping you to improve and expand your finger picking skills. Marlene will review picking patterns 1, 2 and 3 (learned in the workshop), show you how to play them with more songs and then introduce two new picking patterns to help your skill repertoire grow!

This lesson zeroes in on improving and expanding your strumming rhythms. Marlene will review the 3/4 and 4/4 basic strums, as well as the Calypso pattern (learned in the workshop), show you how to incorporate them into more songs and present two new fun and cool strumming techniques!

Ergonomics ~ A.K.A. ~ Guitar Positioning, Posture & Stretching
Often overlooked and certainly a factor in playing successfully, this informative lesson begins with a review of guitar positioning and posture (learned in the workshop) and includes an introduction and demonstration of helpful exercises designed for guitarists who want to keep their music in shape!

Stay tuned…more lessons coming soon!


For anyone who has never played guitar or for anyone who would like a thorough review of the basics, start with the Learn to Play Guitar in a Day!® 2 DVD set and companion book
(currently available as a physical copy only, on-line format coming soon).