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“This was a great one day course, time well spent.”
Brian & Melissa

Hear Brian & Melissa play ~ this could be you!

Irma testimonial

“I learned a lot in such a short time.”

Hear Irma play ~ this could be you!

“Marlene was great at taking me through the basics…guitar changed my life!”

Hear Gene play ~ this could be you!


“I feel like I was given this special secret ~ what a treat!”

Hear Jessica play ~ this could be you!

Colin McBride

“Marlene’s a great teacher with a brilliant vision!” 


“I would highly recommend the workshop for someone who wants to learn to play guitar quickly!”

“I liked her way of unraveling the mysteries of playing the guitar!” John

“She made it very easy to understand and follow along, it was fun!” Eden

“Marlene is great at teaching; she covered everything I needed to know.” Aaron

“We laughed and learned. I wish it was longer. I highly recommend it.” Lisa

“I liked learning how to strum and pick.” Owan

“It was enthusiastically presented and Marlene knew her stuff!” Michele


“The workshop is great to get you started and on your way to playing guitar.” Gwynn

“Friendly, fun and I learned a lot, 5 hours went by quickly!.” Lawson

 “I liked playing familiar songs, it feels like an accomplishment!” Julie

“I am very impressed and pleased with my new abilities; it was fun and not intimidating at all.” Andy

“Marlene inspired me to make music and love the guitar in her phenomenal program.” Kate

“Excellent introduction to playing guitar!”  Joe